Dental Associates

Reports To: Practice Dentist, Associate Dentist, or Office Manager, as assigned
Status: Nonexempt, Regular, “AtwillWork Status, Full-Time 

Under direct and indirect supervision, the dental assistant will assist the Dentist in both administrative and clinical duties including: prepare patient for procedure or exam, sterilize and disinfect instruments, set up instrument trays, prepare materials, and assist during dental procedures. This position will provide patient and practice support services, including, but not limited to, personal assistance, medical attention, and emotional support.

Standing 80%.
Sitting 20%. Moderate noise levels from dental and other lab equipment. Medical, office, and lab setting. Minimum moving requirements of 35 pounds in order to transfer equipment and pack and unpack supplies. Frequent bending, twisting, and position changes in order to examine and service patients. Exceptional hand eye coordination and control in order to use dental implements for exams, to provide dentist assistance, and mix and/or place materials on dental tools, products, and in mouths. Frequent client and interoffice personnel interaction as this position is chair-side to dentist and heavily dependent on excellent customer interaction. Near Vision–the ability to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer) as required for mixing and placing materials on tools and in mouths. Potential occupational exposure to trace amounts of nitrous oxide and/or X-rays.

-Escort patients to work stations and answer any general questions or forward patient questions or concerns to dentist when necessary.
-Prepare patients for the appropriate procedures (seating, reviewing health histories, applying topical anesthetic, etc.).
-Instruct patients in proper oral hygiene techniques.
-Make sure the patients record is complete and all services for the day’s treatment are recorded.
-Maintain proper sterilization procedures.
-See that
lab cases are checked in and are going out in a timely manner.
-Communicate with the lab to resolve any other lab issues.
-Enter detailed and accurate notes with all the pertinent discussions of treatment recommendations, options, and timeline plans noted in the computer in a joint effort with the doctor and treatment coordinator, when necessary.
-Communicate referral and medical consult information to other offices and patients, and followup on progress of referrals/medical consultations.
-Properly dispose of the biohazards
-Timely prepare treatment area by sterilizing, positioning, and delivering instruments for dentist’s access. –Assist with dental and medical emergencies according to OSHA and office procedures.
-Maintain CPR certification.
-Assist chair side during administration of nitrous oxide.
-Instruct patients in oral hygiene and plaque control programs.
-Make preliminary impressions for study
casts and occlusal registrations for mounting study casts.
-Clean and polish removable appliances.
-Take and record medical and dental histories and vital signs of patients.
-Record treatment information in patient records.
-Make diagnostic digital radiographs including vertical/horizontal bitewing, periapical, panoramic and CBCT.
-Take intraoral photographs.
provide hand instruments and materials as needed to Dentist during exams and procedures in order to help maintain patient comfort and Dentist’s efficiency.
-Using and maintaining hazard control protocols as established by OSHA and office standards.
-Must always represent the practice in a professional, pleasant, and cooperative manner.
-Maintain regular attendance and adhere to assigned work schedule and office policies.
-Must be able to comfortably and efficiently handle multiple deadlines and task assignments.
-Must be able to work both independently and cooperatively in team settings.
-Occasionally there may be some travel, by car or plane, required in order to participate in continuing education or seminars.
-Perform routine equipment maintenance and determine when and what kind of maintenance is needed. –Perform room turnover.
-Do a thorough chart review and bring pertinent information to the huddle.
-Review the schedule to share if there are any special needs or areas of concern to share with the staff/team.
and handoff patients appropriately so the front desk knows what was done during the appointment.
-Organize the back office, sterilization, and lab areas.

-Manage the clinical inventory system.
-Write or call patients that made a special impact on the office thanking them for being our patient.
-Other duties and tasks, as assigned periodically.
-All back-office staff needs to look for projects to keep them busy during downtime.
-Proactively communicate with the front office so they know any changes in treatment and what treatment needs to be done at the next appointment.
-Lead and participate in staff meetings with skills including facilitation, training, and problemsolving.
-Take initiative when the practice is running behind or understaffed.
-Assist the front office when called upon
for tasks including, but not limited to: filing and pulling charts.
-Make confirmation calls, medical consultation calls, referral and post-op or follow-up calls.
-Assist hygiene when possible with charting, radiographs, and other tasks that help serve our patients.
the practice philosophy in all actions and decisions.
-Take initiative when the practice is running behind or understaffed. 

Always maintain the highest level of confidentiality to HIPAA standards. Adhere to strict safety guidelines and procedures to OSHA and office standards. Adhere to office policy and procedures when collecting payments. Must be comfortable seeing and able to maintain a professional demeanor and attitude while working around blood and unpleasant smells. Must be detail oriented in order to work efficiently in small spaces and maintain patient comfort. Must be flexible and understand that job duties may change from time to time and that this individual may be asked to assist in other areas of the office. Must excel in forward thinking in order to anticipate the needs of the doctor as well as the patient. Must demonstrate active listening by giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times, Must demonstrate good reading comprehension by understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work-related documents. Must demonstrate excellent communication skills by talking to others to convey information effectively.

High School Diploma or GED Certificate. Diploma or certificate from an approved dental assisting program as accredited by CODA. Preferred two years of dental practice experience. 

Disclaimer: This job description may not be inclusive of all assigned duties, responsibilities, or aspects of the job described, and may be amended at anytime at the sole discretion of the Employer.