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When should I get a Dental Implant?

Missing teeth make it difficult to eat or even smile with confidence. Dental implants have become the dental application of choice as they are safe and a more affordable solution in replacing teeth.

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Dr. Biegert and Dr. Barber are experts in the field of dental implants. They have been working together for years and have a very good reputation in the West Des Moines area.

Dr. Biegert and Dr. Barber specialize in dental implants, which is a type of prosthetic dentistry that replaces missing teeth with artificial ones that are implanted into the jawbone. This can be done with either titanium or zirconium posts, or with a combination of both materials, depending on the individual’s needs and desires.

The process starts by removing any remaining teeth from your mouth to make room for your new implant(s). Your Dr. Biegert or Dr. Barber will then make an incision to expose your jawbone, drill a hole into it, insert an implant post or posts into it, attach a crown (to cover up the post), and finally attach one or more replacement teeth onto it that will function just like natural teeth do – only better!

It is usually six months for the titanium and bone to unite completely.  During the healing time, a unique bridge or denture is placed. When the post has become secure, the new tooth, bridge or denture is attached.The procedure for implants only requires a day or two to recuperate and most people’s experience is nearly pain free.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment – We’re excited to meet you, and give you the best possible dental care in West Des Moines!

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