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Maintaining a healthy smile requires quality dental care and good dental habits.

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Dental Associates, PC in West Des Moines is a team of dental professionals prepared to answer all your questions pertaining to your family’s dental health and appearance. Hygiene therapy, specifically brushing and flossing, are a very integral part of your dental health. You will find that our staff will take the time to explain all procedures as well as why these procedures are part of your dental treatment plan.  

From cleanings to fluoride treatments, you will receive the tools you need to prevent gum disease and cavities with Dental Associates.


A reliable dentist will do more than fix dental issues. They will also provide preventive dental care to ensure you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile with a lower risk of experiencing problems in the future. At Dental Associates, we provide preventive dentistry close to Des Moines, ensuring our patients get the quality dental care they need. We believe everyone should have access to preventive dental care that protects their oral health and helps them smile with pride.


Regular visits to the dentist provide you with the treatments you need to keep your smile as healthy as possible. When you schedule your routine preventive dental services near Des Moines, you can rest assured you’ll get all the care you need to keep you smiling with confidence. We provide all the preventive dental care you need, including fluoride treatments and dental sealants, to protect your teeth and reduce the risk of needing more extensive procedures in the future.


Preventive dentistry close to Des Moines is the perfect way to ensure you can smile with pride and reduce your worries about dental problems in the future. While even the best dental care doesn’t guarantee you won’t need more extensive dental treatment, our preventive dental services will give you the confidence you need to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Please contact us to schedule your preventive dental care appointment, and ensure you can improve your overall dental health.


google reviews Des Moines Dental Associates
Beth Wright

I’ve been going to Dr. Gleichman at Dental Associates for over 15 years now. He and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and up to date on new techniques. They are very good at explaining everything in terms anyone can understand they are all very polite and caring. I’d recommend highly.


I've been going to Dental Associates for decades. Love my hygienist. She is so skilled at cleaning my teeth. My dentist is thorough and friendly. Great place to go to take care of your dental needs.

Bud Price

We moved to Des Moines last year and our son recommended Dr. Quick. We are so glad he did? At 73, I needed extensive work. The procedures were painless, and the costs more than fair. We love the staff, especially Dr. Quick 😁

Michelle Huenecke

Always a great experience, I have been going here for 10 plus years and my experience with the whole staff has always been extraordinary! Great place for your dental health.

David James

Nikki did a 10 out of 10 as always. I make a point to share with her that she is good at what she does and makes me feel comfortable as a patient.

Beth Damm

I look forward to my visits at Dental Associates. Friendly, professional and personal service. They take all of the extra precautions to keep their staff and patients safe and well.

David McVicker

I called for an emergency appt this morning due to a broken tooth and was gotten in promptly. Professional and friendly dental care as always. I really like this team. I would add that masks are required and the patient is responsible for bringing their own which is how it should be in my opinion.

Judy Prunty

I had a very good checkup with Dr. Quick. His hygienist was very good and gentle. Dr. Quick was very thorough as always. Great dentist!

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